Student Research

Sarah Morrison Student Research Award

Rohowetz, Landon Graves, Jonah Sekhon, Subhijt Jalali, Jonathan Kapp, Kelly Patel, Krishna Khariton, Yevgeniy Shah, Mehr Zahra

Goal and Objectives
The goal of the Sarah Morrison Award is to help students learn the value and application of research in the study and practice of medicine by providing funds to support the expenses of such research. Students may be involved in and learn about a wide variety of research activities based on their interests. It may be in the basic sciences or in clinical medicine. Students may develop their own hypothesis and work plan, or work on an established research project with their mentor.

It is expected that the student shall present the results of the research at a SOM student research event (i.e., the UMKC Health Sciences Student Research Summit) or similar venue as recommended by Research Administration.

Student proposals approved by the review committee may result in an award of up to $2,500 under the control of the student’s research mentor. The funds will be used for expenses related to the project.


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